In today’s somewhat challenging climate, having some sort of outlet to relieve stress or anxiety is critical. And while there are countless different ways to do this, having an outlet that involves physical activity is a cut above for a number of reasons.


According to a recent survey conducted by the CDC, more than half of those surveyed over the age of 18 met the guidelines for physical activity, and we can understand why. Having a physical outlet can help diminish stress, improve mental health, and increase motivation – to name just a few benefits. On any given day, nearly 20 million people are engaged in some sort of sport or physical activity, and recreation centers or fitness facilities are some of the best places to find an escape.


Here are Univerus’ top picks for why everyone should have a fitness outlet.


Reduces Stress


One of the most attractive upsides of having a regular fitness outlet is that fitness is medically proven to reduce stress. After enduring one of the most stressful events of our lifetime, finding solace in any way that we can is a welcomed addition to a daily routine.


Regular exercise is known to increase endorphins, the neurotransmitters responsible for that ‘feel-good’ feeling. In addition, fitness can help reduce the negative side effects that result from stress, including strengthening the body’s cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems. The benefits of not feeling stressed as often include better sleep, lowered muscle tension, better weight control – and the list goes on!


A Sense of Community


Engaging in a fitness class is a great way to stay social. Especially after a year and a half of extremely limited interaction, slowly moving back into a social setting that revolves around physical activity is a fun way to ease back in.


There are a multitude of benefits that can be derived from group fitness. Working with a professional such as a yoga instructor can prevent injury and maximize benefits gained from a fitness class, and studies have shown that being part of a team setting (such as being part of a basketball team or a dance troupe) can also increase individual motivation. Perhaps most importantly, group fitness can instill a sense of community, something that all of us can benefit from after a record amount of collective isolation.


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Mental & Physical Health


While non-physical outlets such as reading or the arts are completely valid and can provide relief to those who use them, the health benefits that can be derived from physical activity cannot be denied. Being in good shape not only makes us feel healthier and more confident, but it has also been linked countless times to better sleep, longer life expectancy, higher energy and higher productivity. Having a stress relief outlet that allows us to improve our physical health is a win-win.


In addition to the clear benefits that fitness has on physical health, mental health can also be vastly improved by this method. According to a study by Harvard, going for a 15 minute run can reduce the risk of depression by 26%, and the benefits can increase with longer periods of exercise. During the pandemic, counts of mental health issues increased exponentially, and the positive effects that physical fitness can have on these problems is nothing short of profound.


A Facility Keeps You Accountable


While it is entirely manageable to engage in fitness without going to a dedicated facility, there is something to be said about the consistency it can provide. Signing up for a regular class and incorporating it into a daily or weekly routine helps to hold patrons accountable to show up and ensure their fitness goals are being met.


Facilities that use member management software can help provide another layer of accountability for their community. Having easy-to-use software to sign up for classes, receive updates and see schedules at a glance can make the experience more manageable and enjoyable.


The solutions offered by Univerus Member Management have helped revolutionize dozens of fitness facilities across North America. Learn more about our solutions by contacting us today.