Amidst a year marked by physical business closures, distanced interaction and an increasingly digital way of life, it’s critical that your organization is primed for online operations. However, if resources, time and funds are scarce, it can be a challenge to provide your company with the online makeover it desperately requires.


It’s never been more important to leapfrog the online competition. However, the reality for many businesses in the wake of COVID-19 is that the costs associated with meeting customers digitally aren’t feasible.


But there is hope! In a new and very welcomed initiative, the government of British Columbia has announced the BC Launch Online Business Grant, which will see a whopping $42 million in grant funding dedicated solely to helping small and medium sized local businesses move their business model online.


Read more here about how the grant works, who is eligible, and how Univerus PLAY can support your suggess.


How the Grant Works


In short, the BC Launch Online Grant program is offering to pay for up to 75% of qualified business expenses, to a maximum of $7,500 per business. Interested business will need to develop a grant proposal and an approximate idea of how they will use the grant money to better their business model. If selected, the business must use the grant money towards online development, which can include website development, copywriting, online advertising and more.


The parameters in place for applying are as follows:

  • The business is owned by a B.C. resident, their primary operations are in B.C., and is currently registered and operating in B.C.
  • The business employs B.C. residents and pays taxes in the province
  • The business generated a revenue of a minimum of $30,000 last year


The grant is available on a first-come, first serve basis until September 30, 2021 or until funds are depleted.


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Univerus PLAY and BC Launch Online


Initially, the grant was targeting businesses that wanted to enhance or build an online shop or marketplace. While this eligibility is still valid, BC Launch Online has recently expanded the parameters to include businesses that want to implement or optimize an online booking or scheduling system for their facility – which is why we find this grant so exciting!


If your business is in need of innovative, user-friendly online scheduling or booking capabilities, look no further than Univerus PLAY. Our PLAY member management software suite is designed to make the lives of your staff and your customers easier and more efficient, which is essential during these trying times.


Our streamlined online booking functionality can be applied to a number of different facility types and settings, including fitness studios, campsites, equipment and room rentals, family account management and more. The highly-configurable system allows your business to customize a solution that truly meets the unique needs of your customer base – no cookie cutter software here.


The suites integrated payment and POS features make payments for classes, courses, equipment or concession items seamless and secure. You can also monitor inventory and run analytics reports all from within the same system. Lastly, Univerus PLAY is one of the most affordable – yet robust – member management software suites on the market today!


Do you have questions about the grant program, or want to learn more about Univerus PLAY’s industry-leading software? Contact us today!


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