Like it or not, 2022 is right around the corner. With every new year comes a desire to give our personal and professional lives a bit of a refresh. For facilities with membership bases, that means potentially giving their membership parameters an overhaul to better serve their community. Focusing on making your facility member-focused and accessible should continue to be top priorities, regardless of the type of program offering.


The last year and a half has presented the recreation community with a number of unique challenges to adapt to, and while it hasn’t always been easy, it has allowed facilities to connect more effectively with their members and find creative solutions to whatever life throws their way.


Taking that resilience into 2022 is critical – here are some of the ways you can rethink your membership strategies for the new year.


Gain More Member Feedback


Your members are the whole reason your facility exists and continues to be successful, so it only makes sense to cater to them. According to a recent study, only 1 in 26 members are likely to give feedback on their own – the other 25 will just silently take their business elsewhere. Reaching out to your customer base regarding what they like about your facility and your programs, as well as what can be improved on, can help you tweak your approach and potentially retain and grow your business.


Sending out marketing materials or surveys through your member management software to gain insightful data is something that all recreational and fitness facilities should be doing in 2022. Giving your program offering a makeover based on what your members are interested in will likely increase class sign-ups and incite more repeat customers.


Focus on Retention Methods


While gaining new members is obviously a goal, focusing on retaining the members you already have and are already loyal to your facility should also be a priority. It is typically far less strenuous and more cost-effective to retain existing members than it is to recruit new ones, so doing everything you can do to hang onto your current members is key.


A recent study of over 1 million fitness club members in North America found that 67% of respondents stayed with a facility for at least 12 months after joining with a one-year subscription. Monitoring when memberships are about to expire is crucial and presents facilities an opportunity to continue that relationship. Around the 11-month mark, it may be wise to reach out your members with a promotion or other incentive to renew their membership.




Continue Making Fitness Accessible


One of the few positive aspects to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic was how many events were made more accessible, increasing the reach of many facilities. Live streams of various events such as fitness classes or seminars meant that people from all over could enjoy the benefits of these programs, without having to leave their homes or risking their health.


Even though the pandemic has (thankfully) subsided to a degree, the accessibility and convenience of COVID-era programs is likely to stick around. While we are all eager to get in-person classes back into their regular rhythm, the benefits that virtual or otherwise amended classes offer cannot be denied for people like working parents, members who live far away, those with disabilities and those still wary about close contact with strangers. Incorporating accessible events into your program schedule could help make some of your member base feel more comfortable.


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