Manage Campsite Reservations and Rentals

House all campsite booking information on your organization’s website, as well as specific amenities such as fields, picnic shelters, and camping lots as individual booking options. Confirm and track all bookings and coinciding payments from anywhere.

  • Schedule single or multi-day bookings
  • Allow online park and campsite bookings, payments and confirmations
  • View public spaces available for future program planning and bookings
  • Notify renters of weather updates, cancellations and safety warnings

Connect with Park Staff with Ease

Managing remote staff used to present its challenges, but Univerus PLAY makes the process simple and efficient! Handle unlimited staff members across multiple locations and from any device connected to your organization’s PLAY Suite.

  • Schedule and track park staff and duties online
  • Add daily tasks and responsibilities online for employees to view
  • Generate in-depth scheduling, maintenance and facility reports
  • Add maps of all your parks and outdoor spaces directly to your website

More Features


Schedule and notify maintenance and park staff from anywhere and on any device


Receive and process remote payments of park and campsite rentals remotely

Reminders and Notifications

Send reminders and notifications to an individual or mass booking members

Booking Confirmations

Review and accept any booking from any location remotely through the PLAY Suite

Save Data

Save booking information and details to use for future sessions or locations

Park Security

Keep your locations secure by knowing when your spaces are being used, and by whom

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