Deliver Outstanding Service with Next-Gen Data Management

The key to success is having every member feel like your top priority – in comes Univerus PLAY! Whether you’re servicing a single member or a large group, we ensure that registration and payment have never been easier. Among the most sought-after functionality that PLAY has to offer includes:

  • Newly built, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Your most critical member purchase insights
  • Ability to send users non-intrusive notifications and reminders
  • Multiple course registrations in one place, making it easier than ever!

Offer Accessible Online Profile Management Tools!

Meet customers where they are! Univerus PLAY empowers your members to access their profiles from desktops, tablets and/or mobile devices with ease. Next time a customer wants to add a credit to their account, register for a course, check-in for a drop-in class and more, they’ll know they can count on your organization to deliver:

  • Empower members to manage their own profiles and registrations online
  • Allow participants to manage related family and friend accounts
  • Offer a simple solution for childcare and family bookings

More Features

Online Registration

Allow members and users to view availability and course schedules at any time by accessing the online website or mobile app

Dashboard Management

View dashboards with each of your members account balances and drop in credit and allow members to top-up using the mobile app or online website

Relationship Linking

Create relationships between users for family members, legal guardians and school groups, to ease large scale bookings

Multi-Location Management

View member registration history, class progress and much more from any devices connected to your organization's PLAY Suite


Send payment reminders to individual or mass groups of participants to ensure course and programs are paid for on time


Keep member data and information secure by using the PLAY Suite program

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