Share your Event with the Community

Play offers the ability to plan and mass promote any and all events happening within your community directly through the mobile app and online website, allowing your programs to be seen by more eyes than ever before!

  • Create announcements and notifications for future events happening within your community
  • Track and manage RSVP’s from community members
  • Receive and view valuable data within the PLAY Suite dashboards on all events within your organization and community

Receive Valuable Community Feedback

The ability to listen to customer feedback is the key to every successful organization. Our software provides your organization with critical insight into your communities’ opinions by tracking valuable data and crafting auto-generated reports.

  • Interact with individual members of your community to better understand their needs
  • Track community feedback on events and programs to improve future instalments
  • Develop surveys and questionnaires to offer on your communities’ mobile app and website

More Features

Time-Saving Functions

Schedule and market events faster than ever before by using the mobile app and online website and sending out direct messages to inform your Community of upcoming events


Receive pre-event payments for programs happening in remote areas such as parks, lakes and trails

Community Feedback

Collect feedback and implement surveys directly from your community and event participants

Cross-Platform Functionality

View event information and registration details from any device connected to your organization's PLAY Suite

Remote Event Mangement

Offer remote registration and sign up for events happening away from your facilities by using a tablet to sign users up

Save Data

Save past community event data, details, marketing resources and more for future instalments of the program

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