Paymentus Payment Solutions

Paymentus allows your organization to improve customer satisfaction, receive more on-time payments and drive the adoption of self-service. It’s all possible with the Paymentus Instant Payment NetworkTM.

Paymentus gives PLAY the power to focus on delivering a service that harnesses innovative technology while embodying a customer-centric mandate. By implementing a single-platform solution that offers the industry’s most advanced billing and payment options, the Paymentus-PLAY partnership is one of the most critical and effective aspects of our business.

Just ask Alexa! Customers can use any Alexa-enabled device to check the status of their bills and make payments in seconds. By giving customers more ways to stay on top of their bills, you are more likely to receive payments on time – and your customer experience gets a gold star.

As one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, there are 300 million Amazon accounts worldwide. Amazon Pay makes it easy for customers to pay bills using their Amazon account safely and securely.

PayPal is a great option for users without a credit card. Offer customers a streamlined checkout experience using PayPal’s secure and fast checkout experience and the ability to pay bills directly through the PayPal app.

PayPal Credit is a digital, reusable credit line that provides customers with a safe, secure and flexible method of payment. With no interest for six months, you are able to give customers financial flexibility when they need it the most.

Venmo allows its users to reach new, modern payer demographics. Customers can use Venmo, one of the most popular social payment apps in the world, to pay bills, split payments, and share payment success safely and securely while on the go.